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As a Registered Professional Member of the International Somatic Movement Education and Therapy Association, I meet the high Standards of Practice and uphold the Code of Ethics.  For more information visit

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Private sessions and group explorations

accessing your body's wisdom

to create meaning and healing

Current Offerings:


Individual Somatics Sessions

in Ann Arbor and Detroit (or on Zoom)

I help creative explorers, healing artists, and helping professionals who seek support to lead their lives with authenticity and meaning. 


One-on-one sessions offer individualized support to discover more about your body’s wisdom, creative potential, and healing. 

Fall Groups

Two Somatic Support Series in Ann Arbor for Healers, Therapists, Clergy, Educators and other providers of care



Monday evenings 6:30-8:30pm

10/3 - 12/19 (12 weeks)

$420/345/270 - economic justice scale


Saturday afternoons 1-3pm

10/1 - 12/17 (10 weeks -- no groups on 11/19 or 26)




In these times, as providers of care, we have been holding so much for so many. Exploring somatic practice supports us to consider how best we can tend our own bodies and to those whom we serve, and how to access the resources we need to do so.

This group series provides unique opportunities to join with other helping professionals and explore embodied practices as means of healing, self-discovery, creative expression and self-care.


The group sessions will allow us to both offer compassionate witness to others and to be seen and held, ourselves.


To release what doesn't belong to us and to nourish and replenish our body/minds.

To come together to tend ourselves in good company.



In Ann Arbor at 124 W. Summit St., Ste. F


For more information and to register:

Detroit Area Authentic Movement Group

On-going facilitated weekly practice group for artists, educators, healing artists, and helping professionals


Tuesday midday 11am-1pm

$140/115/90 - economic justice scale

monthly membership contribution


Through the practice of Authentic Movement (or Contemplative Dance as it's also known) we investigate how, rather than moving our bodies in habitual ways, or those dictated by others, we can be led by our bodies into movement. Eyes-closed movers, heeding impulses in response to sensations, feelings, images, and emotions serve also as witnesses to one another, regarding each other with compassion, care, and curiosity.

An interplay of embodiment, contemplation, creativity, and mystery, the practice connects us to our bodies, our creative and physical impulses, and to our own vulnerability and empowerment.



In Detroit at 8641 Linwood St. at the corner of Blaine


For more information and to register:


"I am so grateful to have discovered this practice. Stefanie has created a rare space to safely dive into the body's own messages and inner guidance, to allow movement itself to reveal, release, create and be. If your body is craving to move in complete creative freedom, unencumbered by right or wrong, or judgement; if you are curious what your body itself might reveal to you, I highly recommend this practice and Stefanie's work– she is a brilliant facilitator!"

- Kath Weider, Singer/Spiritual Practitioner