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I help creative explorers, healing artists, and helping professionals who seek support to lead their lives with authenticity and meaning.


Our collaboration, with attention to sensation and imagery, helps to access their bodies' wisdom; 

upholding their well-being and work in the world, and deepening their care with other practitioners.

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I am so grateful to have discovered this practice. Stefanie has created a rare space to safely dive into the body's own messages and inner guidance, to allow movement itself to reveal, release, create and be. If your body is craving to move in complete creative freedom, unencumbered by right or wrong, or judgement; if you are curious what your body itself might reveal to you, I highly recommend this practice and Stefanie's work– she is a brilliant facilitator!


- K. Singer and Spiritual Practitioner,

 Ann Arbor, MI

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Stefanie creates a safe space rooted in her own deep integrity and compassion that allows me to be witnessed and seen in all aspects of my humanness; she offers poignant reflection and support through movement, dialogue, and other body-based therapeutic modalities that allows me to be authentic with whatever arises in the moment, access my internal wisdom and to embody my wholeness and creativity.

- N. Somatic Practitioner/Attorney, Detroit, MI

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 In my journaling yesterday, this came up as I was writing about the people who I can trust with my dreams and aspirations. Writing about Stefanie, I said, "She helps me open the doors to the 'impossible' realm. I avoid that sometimes because it scares me." Opening the gateway to the numinous feels safer with her and through this practice, so I suppose you could say she helps me to lead my life with courage.

- E. Musician, Therapeutic Music Practitioner, Dexter, MI

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- T.  Visual Artist/ Yoga Instructor, Detroit, MI


Stefanie holds a safe place for me to explore my inner world. As a visual artist, the permission to physically and audibly navigate my imagination is thrilling, unbounded and cathartic. Through Stefanie’s calm guided prompts and questions I have been able to heal very old wounds as well as observe large and looming current questions. 


Stefanie provides non-judgemental tools to help me notice my experiences and grow from them. Simply, she offers a way to translate inarticulate portions of the self. This practice has supported and strengthened my communication and relationships with others like family, friends, partners and even in interacting with strangers. It helps me check-in when I feel uncomfortable or out of control in social situations. This check-in often prompts me to slow down and follow my intuition, which can be very helpful when navigating situations where I would usually be reactionary.

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Stefanie helps people who are interested in their next step forward to take it. Sometimes that next step is just making it out of an emotional or energetic black hole/ trench and sometimes it is from a plateau into the wider skies of possibility. 


She does this through her attentive presence to the way their entire beings are in the moment: body, emotions, or movements. She does it through open questioning, gentle invitations to mindfulness of their own bodies, helping people be more fully present to themselves in the moment and nudging them towards the “more”… whatever the more is for them. Healing happens, energy begins to flow, creative juices spring forth and joy awakens. 

- Joya DCruz, M.A. LMFT, Detroit, MI

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What a marvelous gift to the community. If only we listened more. Your teaching appears to me to be in one sense, the art of listening; in another, that of trusting enough so that you are able to listen.


- Edward Yu, Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner, Taichi instructor and author of The Art of Slowing DownLos Angeles, CA

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As someone living with bipolar disorder, my individual sessions with Stefanie are as important as my sessions with my therapist and psychiatrist.  Her offerings are complementary to other therapeutic modalities; I often find work done with one practitioner highlighted and deepened with the other.  Stefanie is skilled at providing a supportive space and showing up to meet whatever experience I’m having.  She encourages her clients to tend the moment and offers a wealth of support structures within a somatic movement framework.  For me, there is tremendous value in the practice of witnessing and being witnessed.  It certainly provides an antidote to the feelings of isolation and loneliness I experience in depression.  Stefanie is a critical member of my health team. 


- S. Poet/Dancer, Ann Arbor, MI


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I started Authentic Movement classes in order to mobilize grief and mourning through bodily expression. Now, in each class I first move the pain and the stiffness of Fibromyalgia and am delighted, each time, to find the lightness and joy underneath. My doctor is always amazed that I am able to lead a productive life without medication. I am so thankful that Stefanie is in my corner.

- R. Literature Professor,  Ann Arbor, MI

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