Stefanie Cohen, MA, RSME

Since childhood I have worked and played best in collaboration -- with other artists, with my own body and others', with the cycles of nature -- responding to and elaborating upon magical and mysterious images as they appear between us.  


Throughout decades as a theater-maker, movement teacher, somatic practitioner, and a performance artist, my primary delight has been in the integration of bodily awareness, contemplative practice, and artistic process.

I hold a 2011 Masters degree in Dance and Somatic Well-being from the University of Central Lancashire; completed the 1998 Contemplative Dance year-long program as a facilitator of Authentic Movement; and am registered as a Somatic Movement Educator through the International Somatic Movement Education and Therapy Association (ISMETA).


I have served as a hospice worker, providing hands-on care and practical and emotional support to terminally ill clients and their caregivers.  I have stewarded multiple spaces including SOMA: Studio Of Movement Arts, in Ann Arbor and Light Box, in Detroit, and have been a working artist for over thirty years, teaching and performing in theaters, festivals, retreats and academic institutions throughout the U.S.  


Along with my creative and life partner, I am one-half of the performance art collaborative Stefanie Cohen and Corey Gearhart (known formerly as Upended Teacups).

Since 2010, we have collaborated --- merging, embracing, disrupting, fragmenting and mending our backgrounds, educations, and decades of training in performance art, theatre, dance, somatics, sculpture, writing, drawing, and so on...   


We have presented dozens of performance works and site-specific installations — exploring the inner lives and fantasy worlds of everyday objects and activities.  We facilitate workshops in somatic movement and devised performance in studios, festivals, and academic institutions; and curate performance through our space, LIGHT BOX  in Detroit.

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