Practitioner Commitments:

I agree to hold your experience as confidential and to communicate with others in your support circle only with your express written permission.

I commit to work co-creatively with you, offering guidance from my own training and following your lead in terms of your interests and goals.

I commit to hold a large, compassionate, tender space of curiosity and wonder with you.

I hold my role as an educator who also practices somatic therapeutic work with care.  I acknowledge that I am not a licensed psychotherapist nor trained medical professional.  As such, I will be mindful as to what my areas of "expertise" are and are not.  I agree to try to make referrals for you if or when we could use more support.

Client Policies -- By choosing to attend private sessions with Stefanie you indicate your agreement with the following guidelines:


I understand that if I forget to attend a scheduled appointment or neglect to cancel/reschedule an appointment within less than 48 hours, I am responsible for full payment.  I understand that this fee will only be waived if (schedule permitting) I am able to reschedule within the same calendar week.


If I am late for an appointment, I understand my session will still end at the same scheduled time. I agree to call Stefanie if I am going to arrive late.


I understand I am responsible for full payment prior to each session, payable by check, cash, Venmo, Cash App or Paypal.


If I want Stefanie to consult with any other professional, friend or family member to share from our work together, I understand I need to provide written consent before she can speak with anyone.

At the point at which I feel I would like to end or take a break in our work together I will give at least 7 days notice and attend one final session to reflect upon our work and provide a process of closure. ​  I know that I am free to reach out again at any time.




Guidelines and Agreements