Practitioner Commitments:

I agree to hold your experience as confidential and to communicate with others in your support circle only with your express written permission.

I commit to work co-creatively with you, offering guidance from my own training and following your lead in terms of your interests and goals.

I commit to hold a large, compassionate, tender space of curiosity and wonder with you.

As a practitioner and human I commit to upholding principles of anti-racism, anti-ableism, feminism, and affirming of people of LGBTQ+, and varied bodies, gender identities, sizes, ages, and multi (or non) faiths.

I hold my role as an educator who also practices somatic therapeutic work with great care.  I acknowledge that I am not a licensed psychotherapist nor trained medical professional.  As such, I will be mindful as to what my areas of training are and are not.  I agree to try to make referrals if or when we could use more support.



Client Policies -- by choosing to attend private sessions with Stefanie you indicate your agreement with the following guidelines:


I understand that if I forget to attend a scheduled appointment or neglect to cancel/reschedule an appointment within 48 hours, I am responsible for full payment.  I understand that this fee will only be waived if (schedule permitting) I am able to reschedule within the same calendar week.


If I am late for an appointment, I understand my session will still end at the same scheduled time. I agree to text or call Stefanie if I am going to arrive late.


I understand I am responsible for full payment prior to each session, at an agreed upon rate according to my current means on the sliding scale, payable by check, cash, Venmo, Cash App or Paypal.


If I want Stefanie to consult with any other professional, friend or family member to share from our work together, I understand I need to provide written consent before she can speak with anyone.

I acknowledge that Stefanie is a Registered Professional Somatic Movement Educator/Therapist, though not a licensed psychotherapist nor trained medical professional.   I will be mindful as to what her areas of training are and are not and can request recommendations for educational materials and/or referrals if we could use more support.

At the point at which I feel I would like to end or take a break in our work together I will give at least 7 days notice and attend one final session to reflect upon our work and provide a process of closure. ​ 

I know that I am free to reach out again at any time.




Client Session Guidelines and Agreements