Somatic Education & Authentic Movement

Somatic Education, a field including many different disciplines of

mind-body-spirit, helps people to foster awareness, consciousness, and healing through our bodies. Philosophically, these practices uphold the view that our first-person, felt-sense experiences of the world are valid and primary.  They invite us in to our embodiment, our agency, and our interconnection with others and the natural world. This work underscores the exploration of movement practices as means of self-discovery, artistic expression, and self-care.

Authentic Movement is a contemplative movement practice founded in the 1950s by Mary Starks Whitehouse, a modern dancer and pioneering dance therapist. She investigated the ways in which people, rather than moving their bodies in prescribed ways, could be led by their bodies into movement. Eyes-closed movers, listening for movement impulses in response to sensations, feelings, images and emotions, are attended by witnesses who regard them with compassion and curiosity. After moving, witnesses and movers may write, draw or otherwise further creatively explore the material or themes that have emerged in the session. Practitioners use Authentic Movement as a physical exploration, an artistic resource, a therapeutic modality, and as a contemplative practice of movement meditation.

Through explorations in Authentic Movement practice as well as with other investigations of sensation, image, artistic exploration, breath, sound, and supportive touch, I facilitate group classes and individual sessions. These center in the development of keen physical awareness, mindful presence, physiological and emotional well-being, and collaborative connection.


Individual Sessions can include:

  • Guided and self-directed movement, sound and breath explorations in response to our bodies' physical impulses;

  • Supportive touch and assistance with mobilization and ease in movement;

  • Investigation of imagery, and exploration with art materials;

  • Reflection and dialogue.

Somatic work helps us to:

  • Foster embodiment,  emotional and spiritual awareness, and deepen mindful attention;

  • Access our sense of knowing – helping us to make clear choices and bridge transitions in our lives;

  • Increase our range and quality of movement;

  • Manage pain or discomfort;

  • Improve our communication skills, and deepen our relationships;​

  • Integrate emotional and physiological work we do with other practitioners and therapists;

  • Make meaningful connections with ourselves and others;

  • Enhance our artistic creativity.

  • Underscore our senses of agency, purpose, and belonging



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