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To support both equitable access and sustainability, all offerings are priced at a tiered economic justice rate.*  


These scales consist of three rate options to be paid according to one's means:

The market rate (the true value) -- for those who are able to pay this, please do.  This also helps to subsidize work for others.*


The sustainable rate is offered for those unable to afford the full fee.*

For those in need of more support, this third rate reduces the sustainable fee by a further 25%.*


Private Sessions:

Complimentary 20 minute consultation via Zoom or phone

75-90 minute introductory session -- $170* ($140*, $115*)

One hour individual sessions -- $140 ($115, $90)

75-90 minute private Authentic Movement intro -- $140 ($115, $90)

Six-session individual packages -- $690 ($540, $480) -- redeemable within four months from date of purchase.

One month, four weekly sessions --  $480 ($380$320) -- designed for weekly work; four sessions per calendar month.

*Supported or sustaining rate packages can be purchased in up to four installments with a signed, shared agreement of payment conditions.


One trial session for those with prior experience in Authentic Movement to check out the group before joining - $30 (may be rolled into monthly membership).

Monthly membership rate -- $140 ($115 $90)  -- with consecutive six month minimum commitment.

Membership contributions serve to support the facilitation, studio access, and supplies for all.

*For more information on this approach, which values fairness, access, and dignity, I encourage you to read this thoughtful essay by Alexis J. Cunningfolk and to scroll down to consult the "Green Bottle" graphic which illustrates the structure and its philosophy.

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