In full transparency, as an independent Registered Somatic Movement Educator and Therapist I am unable to bill insurance and must therefore conduct my practice with private pay only.  


To support both equitable access and sustainability, my offerings, whether private sessions or groups, are priced at a tiered economic justice rate.  (For reference, I encourage you to consider your current resources on a scale similar to "The Green Bottle" --  information and a graphic for which can be found by scrolling down on this page from Worts and Cunning Apothecary's site).  I will not ask for any proof of need but do request your thoughtful, honest assessment of your means.

Consider paying the following sustainable rates unless you are unable to do so along with meeting your other basic needs.

If you are someone with more means, consider paying the market rate* also helping to subsidize the work for those unable to pay full fees.

Please, feel free to request reducing the sustainable rates by a further 25% in order to receive support if you are in need.

Private Sessions:

Complimentary 20 minute consultation via Zoom or phone

75-90 minute introductory session -- $140 ($170 - $115)


One hour individual sessions -- $115 ($140 - $90)

75-90 minute Authentic Movement intro -- $125 ($155 - $95)

Six-session individual packages -- $540 ($675 - $410) -- may be used over the course of six months from date of purchase.

One month, four weekly sessions -- $380 ($475 - $300) -- designed for weekly work; may be used for four sessions per calendar month.

Note, also, that any supported or sustaining rate packages can be purchased in installments with a signed, shared agreement as to payment conditions.


One trial session for those wishing to check out the group before joining - $25 (may be rolled into monthly membership).

Monthly membership rate -- $115 ($140 - $90-- with consecutive six month minimum commitment.

Membership contributions serve to support the facilitation, studio access, and supplies for all.


Workshop rates vary in cost depending upon their length and location.

For more information please, contact Stefanie directly.

For Payments:

Venmo:  Stefanie-Cohen-1

Cash App: $movingstories

or via Paypal: stefaniemovingstories@gmail.com (along with an additional $5 to share in added fees)

48 hour notice of cancellation required or full payment is due.

The upper end of this scale actually reflects the low to mid end of the market rate.   An analysis of the fee scales of colleagues and others providing these type of offerings reveals this to be the case.  I currently offer slightly lower rates in order to account for the inability to bill insurance for these services and to provide access as best as I am able.