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A PLACE IN THE CIRCLE V - A day-long retreat for women artists, teachers, and healers

My Body:

Vessel and vehicle of my life and my dreams

In this program, APitC presents five guest facilitators, each exquisitely trained and skilled in assisting us into conscious awareness of our physicality, the ground of our life and our being. All five have devoted years of practice to evoke the best in the physical nature of her own being and to assist others in the same quest.  Each has talent in evoking the wholeness and the integration of all four aspects of our being.


The centrality of the body cannot be overstated.  How we move, what we take in, how we feel about our physical self are all fundamental features of day to day life.  Each of these contributes to our mood, our sense of self and our outlook about what is possible, meaningful and relevant to the living of our singular, precious life.  A place in the circle aims for this day to be a celebration of our beauty and power in being wholly who we are.

9:00am-4:30pm Saturday, October 19th, 2019 |  Ann Arbor MI  |  Jewel Heart  |  1129 Oak Valley Dr, Ann Arbor, MI

Cost includes all facilitation and catered vegetarian lunch: $150

For information and to register:

EMBRACING LOSS - A five-week somatic training, co-facilitated with Joya DCruz, M.A. LMFT


Loss is a natural, inevitable process of life. Yet, we often resist it or are traumatized by it. In this five-week somatic series in a close group setting, we’ll explore many different experiences of loss and how we can weave it into our lives in a more easeful and powerful way.


Each session will include body-oriented education, conversation, and practice. There will be opportunity to learn to create inner safety, to express emotional experiences effectively, and engage with your body’s natural process.

D A T E S : Alternate Monday evenings from  6 : 3 0 - 9 P M

September 2 3 ;  October 7 , 2 1 ; November 4 , 1 8

C O S T : $ 1 7 5 - 2 5 0 Sliding scale (payment plans available

Includes group sessions and one private session with either facilitator.

T O R E G I S T E R :  By 9 /15  Contact: 

V E N U E :  Light Box , 8 6 4 1 Linwood Street, Detroit





In our investigation of Authentic Movement practice, we move and witness one another in guided, meditative and self-directed ways; exploring the range of our bodies' interests and needs. We spend time each week reflecting upon our movement explorations, extending our experiences creatively through drawing, writing and/or dance. The practice supports us to mindfully tend our bodies, expand our range of motion, extend our artistic creativity and meaningfully engage with others.


By entering into this contemplative exploration - a time of closing our eyes, listening for our physical impulses and allowing our selves to be moved by them - we become more sensitive and connected to our bodies and more able to respond to their cues. As witnesses to one another we give our full attention while observing our own, internal experience; we strive to create a safe, respectful, and compassionate space in which the movers might explore. We can experience the process as an artistic exploration, a physical playground, a meditative practice, and an opportunity for personal insight.

On-going Groups for Experienced Practitioners:


Friday mornings, 9:30-11:30am at SOMA, 218 N. 4th Ave., Ann Arbor

Every other Monday evening, 7-9pm and Thursdays 11am-1pm at Light Box, 8641 Linwood St.  Detroit

Guided peer groups for therapists, teachers, healing arts practitioners and artists, connecting us to our bodies and to our own vulnerability and power. This practice can be extremely supportive when considering how best we can listen and be of service to the students and clients we see, and how to remain clear, resourced and grounded ourselves. Come move, explore, discover and uncover the stories your body has to offer!  Some experience with the practice of moving and witnessing required.

Group sessions include arrival, check-in, a guided collaborative creation of the day or evening's structure, moving & witnessing, opportunities for exploration with art materials, sharing & response, and closure.

* Each member should plan to attend a minimum of one session per month to help to hold a strong container for all.

Please, contact Stefanie directly with questions regarding prior experience or ways to acquire it, and with requests to drop in to either group ($20 per session).



$75 per month for Friday group at SOMA (some scholarships available), with three-month minimum commitment.


$37 per month for Monday evening group at Light Box, with three-month minimum commitment.


Authentic Movement at SOMA is my favorite contemplative practice.  It's a way to attend to and come home to myself — a time to remember what I already know, what my body knows.  It is a time to set aside my stories and listen for the deeper truths.  The practice allows me to not have the pressure or expectation that there will be meaning, but to trust that if I pay attention to my felt senses enough, as I develop that "muscle" of awareness, things shift in me naturally without my needing to figure anything out.

Stefanie provides a safe and courageous space to explore...she gives participants the tools needed to meet and grow from whatever shows up.  I am deeply grateful for this practice and for Stefanie's gentle strength, holding the highest intentions for all.

- S., Psychology Masters student, EMU


Also at SOMA


LEVEL 1 YOGA ~ With Lisa Hesse, ERYT

Wednesday evenings


With a focus on alignment, efficiency, and breath awareness, Lisa’s yoga classes are interactive and relaxed.

Perfect for athletes and anyone seeking to integrate flexibility, mobility, mindfulness and restoration into their lives.

Space open to 10 students

Learn more about Lisa at or contact or call 734-323-3572

ROPE YOGA ~ With The Rope Yoga Collective

Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays noon to 1pm

Sundays, 11-noon

Classes are $10 for a drop-in, or you can purchase a 10 class pass for $80.  This pass does not expire.


The ropes act as a friend, gently supporting in balance and extension. The Rope Yoga Collective consists of Anthony Nitsos, Sherry Nitsos, Jane Allen, Jenny Koppera and Amy Hutchison, all of whom are certified instructors.


2nd Sundays of the month, 3-5 pm

$5-10 sliding scale (no one turned away for lack of funds)


Everyone is invited, regardless of dance experience or physical ability. There is sometimes a led warmup, and beginners are offered extra instruction and help anytime.


Contact Improvisation Dance is…a social dance that arises out of modern dance traditions. One of its central principles is a rolling point of contact between two (sometimes less, sometimes more) people through which both dancers give and share weight. It is somewhere between tango, modern dance, Aikido, wrestling, gymnastics, and none of the above, and usually takes place without music. People dance contact in any combination of genders, there are no steps, and it’s entirely improvised. CI teaches you to read your partner’s movements and understand your own body. The dance form is hard to define, in part because it’s intentionally undefined and in part because it continues to evolve and change.


“Contact Improvisation is a unique dance that blends the play of the body with the physics of the universe and the wonderful dynamic of physical ‘conversation’ with others.” Pam Johnson, Toronto














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