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In our investigation of Authentic Movement practice, we move and witness one another in guided, meditative, and self-directed ways 


We explore the range of our bodies' interests, listening to the feelings, sensations, images and memories that our bodies store for us. We spend time reflecting upon our movement explorations, extending them creatively through drawing, writing, and/or dance. The practice supports us to tend our bodies, engage in contemplative practice, extend our artistic creativity, and meaningfully connect with others.

Authentic Movement is a contemplative movement practice founded in the 1950s by Mary Starks Whitehouse, a modern dancer and pioneering dance therapist. She investigated the ways in which people, rather than moving their bodies in enforced ways, could be led by their bodies into movement. Eyes-closed movers, noticing their movement impulses in response to sensations, feelings, images, and emotions, are witnessed by one another, regarding each other with compassion and curiosity.

We can experience the process as an artistic exploration, a physical playground, a meditative practice, and an opportunity for interpersonal connection and personal insight.



For folx with prior experience in the practice,

Guided peer groups for artists, educators, and healing artists, connecting us to our bodies, our creative impulse, and to our own vulnerability and power.

These somatic explorations -- an interplay of embodiment, contemplation, creativity, and mystery -- support us to consider how best we can listen and be in service to our art, students, families, and clients, and how to access the resources we need to do so.

Group sessions include:

a collaborative creation of the session's structure;

moving & witnessing in Authentic Movement;

opportunities for exploration with art materials;

sharing & response, and closure.

Please, contact Stefanie directly with questions regarding prior experience or ways to acquire it, and with requests to join in.

Memberships: $75 - 125 per month sliding scale with three-month minimum commitment.

Each member agrees to attend a minimum of 2 sessions/month to help to hold a strong container for all.

Authentic Movement is my favorite contemplative practice.  It's a way to attend to and come home to myself — a time to remember what I already know.  What my body knows.  It is a time to set aside my stories and listen for the deeper truths.  The practice allows me to not have the pressure or expectation that there will be meaning, but to trust that if I pay attention to my felt senses enough, as I develop that "muscle" of awareness, things shift in me naturally without my needing to figure anything out.

Stefanie provides a safe and courageous space to explore...she gives participants the tools needed to meet and grow from whatever shows up.  I am deeply grateful for this practice and for Stefanie's gentle strength, holding the highest intentions for all.

- S., Masters student, EMU


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