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  • Stefanie Cohen

Joyful Noise & Curious Play

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

This season has been rich with inquiry and growth for me. I'm enjoying a few opportunities for collaborative teaching and facilitating, and the vibrancy -- even the slight edginess -- that accompanies offering new material. I'm indebted to my colleague Joya D'Cruz, and to the courageous group in our series on Embracing Loss, with whom we've had the opportunity to cultivate the somatic tools that offer resource in loss and grief. Throughout the process I've been grateful, as well, to encounter the tenderness and vulnerabilities of my own heart.

I've learned recently about some of the ways in which our systems perceive the passage of time, and the benefits of daring ourselves to try new things; to take on challenges. As children, due to the fact that we learn countless things that are new to us each day, we experience our days, weeks, months, and years as seemingly endless, at times; while as we become adults, and more and more of the content of our days is in some way repeated, time may feel all too fleeting. A spirit of playfulness, risk and experimentation can provide us with opportunities to bend time, to shape shift, to re-invent and re-make our stories -- to access a kind of fountain of youth. And our creative imaginations and warm connections with others serve us immensely towards these ends.

For those of you based here in SE Michigan, I invite you to join my colleague Tia Imani Hanna, (jazz violinist, vocalist, composer, and educator), and myself, for Joyful Noise, a juicy day of self-care and collaborative play on Saturday, May 18th, at Light Box. We'll be guided in playful, morning explorations in sounding and singing and a delicious, expansive afternoon of movement.

For those who might prefer the one-on-one support of private sessions -- either in person in Ann Arbor or Detroit, or virtually, from wherever your body currently resides, please contact me at

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